Dr. Anu Daber

Dr Anu Daber Best Rheumatologist (Gold Medalist) EX- Rheumatologist (AIIMS, New Delhi) at Arthritis and Rheumatology Clinic in Gurgaon


Dr Anu Daber at CRC 2019 (annual conference) with Dr Yehuda Shoenfeld (an internationally acclaimed pioneer in rheumatology)
With an internationally achieved figure in Rheumatology Dr. Yehuda Sheonfeld
Dr Anu Daber being awarded with the best oral case presentation at CRC 2019 at Hyderabad by renowned rheumatologist Dr Mahendranath
Being presented with the best oral presentation at Hyderabad
Dr Anu Daber felicitated for her performance at annual SZIRACON 2019 at Chennai
Dr anu daber presenting poster on DADA2 (a rare type of vasculitis)to international faculty at SZIRACON 2019 Conference
Dr Anu Daber at SZIRACON 2019 having been awarded with the best poster presentation and Winner of the Rheumatology Quiz
Dr Anu Daber (organiser) at the launch of Image Library IRA at IRACON 2019
dr anu daber (as part of core organising committee) with Dr Ian McInnes (EULAR President) at IRACON 2019
Dr anu daber presenting poster on MSMD (a primary immunodeficiency disorder)to inernational faculty at the IPSID 2020 Conference at PGI,Chandigarh
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